iGraphics Lab @ NUDT

iGraphics Lab targets top-tier Graphics and Vision research at the School of Computer, National University of Defense Technology. The group is led by Kai Xu. We are proud of our six PhD students (some of them are joint students visiting oversea universities) and four Master students. Several excellent former students are still in close collaboration with our group. A one-sentence summary of our research goal is that we try to close the loop of acquisition, processing, understanding and generation of 3D geometric data with data-driven approach (please refer to this survey for the concept of 'data-driven loop').

Our group is actively seeking for self-motivated and well-trained students to join. If you are interested, please send email to: kevin.kai.xu [at] gmail.com


Research Interests:

Geometry Processing, Geometric Modeling, Data-Driven Shape Analysis and Modeling, 3D Vision, Autonomous 3D Sensing, Robot Perception, etc.



zhuchenyang yirenjiao lijun shiyifei
Chenyang Zhu
Renjiao Yi
Jun Li
Yifei Shi
Data-Driven Shape Analysis and Modeling
Computer Vision and AI
3D Vision, Data-Driven Shape Analysis
Data-Driven Shape Analysis, 3D Vision
PhD, Simon Fraser University
PhD, Simon Fraser University
PhD, University of Bonn
PhD. NUDT, Visiting Student at Princeton University (2017-2018)

PhD Students:

liumin zhenglintao shizhan niuchengjie duanyao
Min Liu
Lintao Zheng
Zhan Shi
Chengjie Niu
Yao Duan
Robot Manipulation; 3D Vision
3D Vision, Autonomous 3D Sensing, Robot Perception
Deep Learing for Computer Architecture
Data-Driven Shape Analysis and Modeling
Data-Driven Shape Analysis and Modeling
Visiting PhD Student at Maryland University (2018-2020)
PhD started in 2016
PhD student at UT Austin (2017-2021)
PhD starting in 2019
PhD starting in 2019

Master Students:

xiaoyunzhe wudianyuan yuyang
Yunzhe Xiao
Dianyuan Wu
Yang Yu
3D Vision
3D Vision
Robot Navigation
Started 2017
Started 2017
Started 2018

Former Students in Collaboration:

zhuangyixin shipeng chenwanchun xiezhige wubo
Yixin Zhuang
Peng Shi
Wanchun Chen
Zhige Xie
Bo Wu
Geometry Processing, 3D Vision, Robotics
Robot Manipulation, 3D Vision
Robot Navigation, Reinforcement Learning
Data-Driven Shape Analysis
Robot Navigation, Reinforcement Learning
PhD graduated in 2015
M.Sc. graduated in 2014
M.Sc. graduated in 2015
PhD graduated in 2015
PhD graduated in 2015